cat bruce - director's bio

Cat Bruce started dancing at her grandmother's dance studio when she was 2 1/2 years old. Taking ballet, tap and acrobatics, she progressed on point by age eight. She was teaching ballet baby's by age 11 and ran the Ruth Wood School of Dance by age 16. She was clogging from age 8-18 dancing with her Mom and performed at Church Street Station. Cat has performed in the Arabian Knights dinner show in 1997 and worked in entertainment at both Universal and Disney and has performed in their parades and shows.

Her love of tribal dance is why she began teaching Tribal Style Belly Dance in Winter Garden with her new troupe, "Tribal Muses". Tribal Muses was founded by Sherry McDonald in 2005 and Cat is very honored to have Sherry still be a part of this wonderful group.

Cat looks forward to sharing her love of tribal dance with you and hopes to see you in class soon!

It all started in 2003. She started Belly Dancing with Angela and moved into the love of TRIBAL, taking ATS (American Tribal Style) classes from Lacey Sanchez.

She then became a part of Blue Caravan Dance Troupe and a year later began dancing with Black V, a tribal fusion troupe, performing in both companies for over 2 years.

She has performed Tribal -Con as well as taking workshop classes with Zoe Jakes, Jill and Rose from Ultra Gypsy, Mira Betz, Blue Lotus, Racheal lazarua - Soto and Awalim Tribal Dance. Cat has also attended workshops with Amy from Unmata and Sashi from Ascend and has taken private classes from Olivia and Oola from Zafira and Rachel Lazarus-Soto.

Cat also has an interest in the Tabla and has taken drum lessons with Nivek from Teribus.

She had the opportunity to travel to Seoul Korea in 2006 Lacey and they were guest performers for their dinner show plus assisted with her workshops.

Current projects are visits Puerto Rico each quarter to teach troupes the fine art of ATS. Where we are formed a common grown though the Love of ATS,


Universal Studios Florida
Walt Disney World
Sea World of Florida
Gypsy Caravan guest performer
Grand Opening of Hip Expressions in Clearwater
Tribal Garden and Evening of Tribal
Tribal solstice 2
Bleeding Hearts A Tribal Lover's Rendezvous
Fringe Festival
Cafe TuTu Tango
Lake Mary and Lake Eola Art Festivals
Medieval Market at Avalon
Earth Day Celebration
Red Chair Affair at Bob Carr
Steampunk Events
Orlando Arts Fest
Orlando Brewary/Orlando Drum Circles
Trimaris Kingdom and Local Events (SCA)
PURE Love events and more not listed.........

Cat can be seen every full moon at Drum circles in Orlando Florida. She is sure to be at Gulf Wars and Pennsic Wars teaching and dancing around the fire with her friends. Nor would she ever miss dancing at all Trimaris events where the drums are being played.